Display Ads

Get in the powers of visual communication system in today's business scenario with NiuTux display advertising Showcase crucial information for new potential customers.

Mobile Ads

Now that the Smart phone market is on the rise, NiuTux is opening up a world of possibilities for mobile consumers! NiuTux redefines advertising for a destination-less world.

Video Ads

Now it is easy to monetize your content with video advertising integrated directly into the world's most-used online video player.

Our native advertising functionality works with any IAB VAST-compliant ad server, supports a wide range of video ad formats and has a robust advertising-specific API for ad tracking, verification and further customization. Publishers can target viewers across multiple devices such as web, mobile and OTT.

Maximize the revenue potential of video advertising. Insert ads into your video content quickly and easily & drive revenue. NiuTux provides built-in support for all standards IAB video ad formats, and accommodates pre-, mid- and post-roll ads with tools to easily define insertion points.

Creative Designing

Designs are the king always and which grabs user attention, our team is best in it. We have a talent and tools to produce compelling creatives. Design team is headed by experienced minds who worked with Sulekha, MSN, Google and YouTube.

Variety of ad formats with extraordinary designs are made here with right execution from concept to final production.

Experts in: Static, Rich media, Landing page design and Creative mock-ups.