About NiuTux

Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

It is less time but more options for consumers nowadays! As marketing is getting fast-paced and always changing most small businesses cannot keep pace with it. NiuTux is with you in everything!

NiuTux is a full service, digital ad network focused on helping businesses successfully navigate through today’s dynamic digital landscape with performance based Display Ad and Mobile Ad marketing, creative services, media planning, and consulting.

We are continuously striving to develop ways to deliver faster, better, and deeper insights for our clients. This constant endeavor has led to the creation of numerous technologies, and techniques — all geared toward empowering the modern-day marketer to make smarter investment decisions.

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Display Ads

Get in the powers of visual communication system in today’s business scenario with NiuTux display advertising Showcase crucial information for new potential customers.

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Mobile Ads

Now that the Smart phone market is on the rise, NiuTux is opening up a world of possibilities for mobile consumers! NiuTux redefines advertising for a destination-less world.

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Retargeting Ads

You can now keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website. For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit.

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Video Ads

Now it is easy to monetize your content with video advertising integrated directly into the world’s most-used online video player.

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Native Ads

Improve user experience with seamless and uninterrupted content ads. Most users prefer ads that don't disrupt their content.

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Affiliate Marketing

NiuTux promotes performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.

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NiuTux helps you to be at the forefront of programmatic advertising. As the leading publisher network, NiuTux helps marketers to effortlessly find the right audience using real-time bidding. With Programmatic Marketing advertisers have a more intelligent way to connect with consumers on a one to one basis. This marketing technology automates the buying and selling of online advertising, delivering stronger business performance for brands.

Programmatic advertising - the right way

Do you believe great content creates a better Internet? We do. That’s why NiuTux works with up-and-coming publishers to help them create better content, engage super fans, and monetize their sites. Our unique focus on mid-tail publishers means advertisers who buy through NiuTux gain:

  • Global reach via one of the industry’s largest ad exchanges
  • Differentiated supply with a network consisting of all IAB categories as well as niche categories
  • Placement on up-and-coming sites that will boost your brand image
  • Better targeting of difficult-to-reach audience segments, such as expectant mothers, Millennials, and more.

The Programmatic Platform then uses real-time, first and third party data to identify the best online audience for the campaign. Digital ad inventory is then bought through an auction, one impression at a time, or if needed, through building direct relationships with publishers that have the right audience. The PMP reaches consumers in places they care about, across multiple devices.

Better real-time bidding across every channel

Today’s market is full of brands vying with each other 24/7 for consumer attention. In this environment, it’s difficult to win by being on the same sites as your competitors; your programmatic advertising needs to be smarter.

You need to engage consumers on the sites they love at the exact moment when your adverts-mobile, video, and display-are most relevant. And you need an ad exchange that is flexible enough to meet all your requirements.


Display advertising is often one of the most meaningful sources of revenue. Many publishers nowadays take this simplest and easiest route to a display advertising paycheck, enrolling with display ad networks to fill their inventory. Publishers have the option to sell inventory or monetize the revenue but they often find it difficult to make sure that their advertising operations are functioning at maximum and they are generating sufficient revenue from the total amount of advertising inventory they have available. Here is where NiuTux can help!

We connect publishers with the leading buyers and advertisers in the online space. This allows for more efficient trading between the two parties so publishers can increase overall revenues and manage their channels more efficiently and advertisers can get real value in return for their spend.

NiuTux maximizes the value of your digital inventory through our suite of cross-screen video, high impact and display ad units. It is our commitment to beat the forefront of new innovative technologies. Our in-house creative and technical teams are ever ready to help you design and build your digital ad campaigns. We aim to provide objective consultancy on creative and technical best practices based on insights we’ve gleaned from thousands of prior campaigns.

Ad Formats

  • Clicker

    A promotional product invisible to the client (user) allows opening a pop-up or pop-under when performing a specific action, such as clicking on a certain element.

  • Slide Banner

    Advertising that appears in the lower corner of the window screen. You can close it by clicking on the “x” button.

  • Video Ads

    Short video ad preview before the full movie or music video display.

  • Interstitial

    Ad appears in the gap between the user's request for the information and its receipt. Once user clicks on the ad, he gets straight access to the advertiser's website.

  • Standard

    Standard Ad Units is an interactive and/or non-interactive ad unit displayed on a mobile web page and/or mobile application.

  • Interactive

    An interstitial ad (inter-ad) is an advertising page that is inserted in the normal flow of editorial content structure on a website for the purpose of advertising or promotion. Interstitial messages, like TV commercials, make viewers a captive of the message.

  • Expandable

    Interactive format which allows the mobile ad unit to expand from a traditional size to a larger size. This ad unit utilizes the expansion feature. The ad unit starts out collapsed and expands after a click.

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